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Review: Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

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As part of my affiliation with Rock ‘n’ Blog, I received some Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport products to try out. And I am absolutely, utterly in love.

That’s without actually, technically going for a run using the items. I took the Fitness Locker and Shoe Locker with me on my work trip to Wilkes-Barre, Pa., last week. I just didn’t get a run in because of the weather conditions.

IMG_9342Regardless, these products are great. I used to pack race day gear in Ziploc bags — no longer! And even if I’m just planning to go for a run or two while I’m on a trip, I can keep everything separated and neat. Thank you, order.

This system uses ventilated, antimicrobial fabric for odor control that’s also water repellent and washable. Each item I received, which included the roll-top sac in addition to the ones mentioned above, has a little handle that makes picking up or dragging out whatever you need super easy.

The Fitness Locker fit all I needed for what would have been a run on a somewhat chilly, rainy day — running capris, a T-shirt, sports bra, socks, a long-sleeve pullover, GPS watch and hat. I could have stuffed even more in the bag if I wanted. The only time it might not fit all I needed would be for the coldest of the coldest workouts in the winter — when I wear thick Polartec tights, multiple long-sleeve layers and a jacket.

IMG_9338The Shoe Locker fit my shoes perfectly, and there was room to spare to toss in a few more items if needed, but ultimately I just loved having a place to put my running shoes in my suitcase without them touching my clean clothes or needing to use a grocery store plastic bag.

I didn’t end up going for the run I planned in Pennsylvania because of thunderstorms nearby, but the short trip clearly showed the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport is going to be a vital part of my travel race packing. And whenever I’m done with a run, I know I can just stuff my stinky clothes back into the lockers or sac to keep them separated from the rest of my non-smelly gear.

I can’t wait to use Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport lockers for the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego 5K and Half Marathon coming up!