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Review: Apera Tech Backpack

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I’ve used this backpack for a year and a half now for work and exercise and I cannot imagine my life without it.

A friend introduced me to Apera a few years ago, and I bought a duffel bag as my first purchase. I loved it, but for the daily carry into the office and lug down to the gym, I thought a backpack that fit both my work and workout gear might be easier.

At least a few day a week, I cart a set of workout clothes and running shoes in my tech pack in addition to my laptop, small purse and makeup bag. I either get my workout in before the day begins or cart the pack down to the gym as a midday break.

The antimicrobial fabric and inserted bag for sweat-soaked clothes does wonders at keeping odors at bay, although after a year and a half, I’m finding I need to wrap the separate bag in an additional layer of plastic to firmly keep any noxious smells at bay.

On the front of the pack are two ventilated zip-up shoe enclosures for my running shoes. These work wonders. Plus, there’s multiple pockets throughout the pack, including at the front, at the top and on the side. There’s another zip pocket inside the main part of the bag, which is separate from the last part where you store your laptop and other work items. In that pocket, I store my extra chargers and cords as well as any other accessories I may need on the go.

The top pocket holds my earbuds and keys, along with additional items I need easy access to. The front pocket always contains my work ID that’s needed to get in the building.

I pretty much take this bag with me everywhere — from trips to work to just going over to my parents place — it’s the perfect size and holds what I need regardless of what I’m doing. If I’m dashing out the door in my running gear and need a change of clothes later, it holds it. Or if I want to fit in a yoga session, it easily contains those clothes, too.

It’s so super functional that I don’t know how I managed without it.

I checked out Apera’s site recently, and they no longer sell this exact backpack, but they have a wide range of other bags in some super stylish designs. I can’t imagine they’re anything less than I would expect.