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Back in the running groove … and finally blogging again

Back in the running groove … and finally blogging again

So that happened. I didn’t write on my blog for four months. Four.

And my last two posts were not exactly motivating.


Here’s the short list of what happened:

— That back strain I mentioned redeveloped and derailed me starting a week after the March half until mid-to-late April. I completed four weeks of PT in mid-May and haven’t had any pain since.

— I moved to a new apartment in mid-to-late April. I’m much closer to work and no longer have to deal with the insanity that is 66 and 495. And the best part is I’m only 3/4 of a mile from the W&OD. (Also, moving is hard work!)

— A beach trip the first week of May helped really me get back in the running grove. I slowly built back up after that, making sure not to do too much too soon and either reinjure my back or burn myself out again.

— I’m back in the double-digits for long runs and tallied 28 miles total last week, 92 overall for July. Even better: My speed came back. I’m no longer struggling in the 11-minute mile range. All my runs, even my long runs, are coming in at 10-10:30, despite the heat.

— My weight loss is back on track. Only 5 pounds left until I’m back to normal.

— I’ve been taking a cardio kickboxing class twice a week this summer, and already signed up for the fall version. It’s a ton of fun and incorporates a lot of strength training.

I’ll be writing a longer post this week after how I got back into running. Stay tuned!