Training Recaps

Weekly Training Recap is back!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weekly training recap. I took three weeks off running from late December to early January, and quite frankly it was hard picking it back up again.

Plus, I’m looking to loose the 10+ pounds I gained over the holidays and during my low-exercise period.

But I love writing these recaps to look at what I’ve accomplished for the week, and I love reading other runners’ recaps too. So here’s this week and a catch-up on the previous weeks!

This past week I got back in action after being under the weather the previous week. I skipped my cycle/core class on Monday because I was so far behind from spending Sunday with my parents.

Week of Feb. 5

This past week I got back in action after being under the weather the previous week. I skipped my cycle/core class on Monday because I was so far behind, on things like laundry and food prep for the week, from spending Sunday with my parents.

Goals for next week: Get back to the cycle/core class and complete at least three All in 18 workouts.

Sunday: 8 miles at 11:16. The pace of this run really surprised me. I didn’t look at my watch until halfway through and immediately saw I was going much slower than I thought. It was hard, but I reminded myself I am still getting back into the swing of things and I just came off being sick, so a slow run means nothing. Getting out there means everything.

Monday: 4 miles at 10:57 + Yoga. I slept over at my parents for Super Bowl Sunday, which meant I had an easy route to run in the morning. I love the W&OD trail and can’t wait to move closer to it. My legs were definitely tired, but nothing too serious. I hit up my usual yoga class in the afternoon. I skipped my cycle/core class because I was so far behind on things and felt guilty. But I tried to allow myself a little grace and remind myself of all the other things I’d done.

Tuesday: Strength training w/ 15 min elliptical warmup.

Wednesday: 3 miles at 10:32 + Swim. I set my alarm for 6:30, planning to get in 5 miles and my All in 18 DVD. I tossed and turned and didn’t want to get up. Finally a little after 7, I said to myself — it’s amazing out. It’s 55 degrees RIGHT NOW. In February. Get out there or you’ll regret it. By that time I only had time for 3 miles. Bonus: It was so nice out, I talked my friend and colleague into two laps around the work pond.

Thursday: 4 miles at 11:00. Waking up before the sun rises has just been so hard lately — I’m pretty sure it’s just because it’s dark out and that doesn’t go over well. I was able to take a break at work and hit up the gym, though, so it worked out.

Friday: 5 miles at 10:41. 4 x 800 w/ 1-mile warm-up and 1/2-mile cooldown. In the first few minutes of hitting the treadmill I thought, “Uh oh.” My legs were sore. I reminded myself of all the other runs — including speed sessions — I’d done on legs like that felt the same way or worse and stuck with it. I haven’t done any speed in a long time, and I’ll admit it was a bit disheartening that my 800 paces were 10:20, 10:10, 10:00, 9:50. A year ago I was nearing my sub-2 half marathon.

Saturday: Rest.

Weekly mileage: 24


Week of Jan. 29

Sunday: Rest. I worked past 11 on Saturday and was exhausted.

Monday: 6 miles at 10:57 + Yoga + All in 18

Tuesday: Rest. I felt sick, slept until 1:30 p.m. and took the day off work. I started to think that sleeping until 3:30 p.m. Sunday was more than just being a little tired.

Wednesday: 5 miles at 10:38. I took the day off work but rallied before an afternoon doctor’s appointment and felt like going for a run. I’d been stuck inside for 36 hours and was having none of it. I set out for a few easy miles and ended up doing 5. Later that day my doctor said I had an acute viral infection with low-grade fever and should take it easy. Oops.

Thursday: 4 miles at 11:03 (treadmill). I struggled to get through this treadmill run after my first day back at work because I felt hot. I wasn’t able to secure the treadmill next to the sole fan in the cardio area, but I made it through the run.

Friday: Rest. My plan called for 3 miles but I could tell I was too tired and worn-out.

Saturday: Rest

Weekly mileage: 15 miles


Week of Jan. 22

Sunday: 5 miles at 10:59 + All in 18

Monday: 3 miles at 11:06 (treadmill) + Yoga + Cycle/Core

Tuesday: 40 minutes elliptical + 23 minutes swim

Wednesday: 3 miles at 10:44

Thursday: 3 miles at 11:06 (treadmill) + All in 18

Friday: 3 miles at 10:36 + All in 18

Saturday: Rest

Weekly mileage: 17


Week of Jan. 15 — first week back running

Sunday: 3 miles at 10:36 + 30 minutes elliptical + All in 18

Monday: 60 minutes elliptical + Yoga + 20 minutes swim + Cycle/Core

Tuesday: 15 minutes elliptical + Strength Training + Yoga

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 miles at 11:04

Friday: 3 miles at 11:06 (treadmill)

Saturday: Rest

Weekly mileage: 9


Week of Jan. 8 — slowly picking it back up after a full week of no exercise

Sunday: 45 minutes elliptical + All in 18

Monday: 45 minutes elliptical + All in 18 + Yoga + Cycle/Core

Tuesday: 15 minutes elliptical + Strength + Yoga + 20 minutes swim

Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical + All in 18

Thursday: 45 minutes elliptical + All in 18

Friday: Rest. I’d planned to exercise at the end of the day, but the Florida airport shooting kept me in the office until past 9 p.m.

Saturday: Rest